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Details The Sims 2 by looking at characters, challenge, homes and more in the game

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The Sims series is a virtual reality game that allows you to completely customize and design your own virtual human being. It is wildly beloved by its loyal fan base and continues to spawn sequels over a decade after its original release. You begin with an individual character creator to customize your Sim to your heart's content. Then watch the mayhem ensue while you balance work, home life and social encounters according to the game's own unique system of satisfaction. Those who played the original game were thrilled when the trailer for the Sims 2 was released because it did such an amazing job emphasizing all of the game's strengths from beginning to finish.

The Sims 2 closely mirrored the first game, but it included much better graphics. The trailer for the game is simple to download and watch. What you discover is that the Sims are evolving in ways never thought possible when the first game was introduced. You witness as death visits the Sims, aliens swoop down on newly added neighborhoods, and children age into old folks, seemingly overnight. What becomes clear is that this game is going to have all of the fun of the old Sims with improved graphics, comical situations galore, and all-new options that make the original almost obsolete, save for its revolutionary charm.

The Sims 2 trailer is lightning fast to download on most Internet connection speeds, and it fully uncovers all of the charm of the Sims 2. It's entertaining to watch as various Sims glide from one insane situation to another. The Sims 2 was a virtual reality simulator for everyday life. Somehow, the trailer manages to make mundane chores like cleaning the bathroom seem like highly exciting video game experiences. Game mechanics are not covered in-depth in the trailer, but there is sound logic behind this directorial decision. What you'll find is that the trailer chooses to show what the game's mechanics make possible rather than the lackluster chores behind them. When you see the mayhem caused by in-game decisions, it's immediately evident why the trailer doesn't need to bore its users with such things. The Sims itself is a game full of mechanics that sound uninteresting, but when applied on the screen before a player, it's one of the most exciting experiences in gaming history. The Sims 2 trailer is a joy.


  • It's super easy to download and watch the Sims 2 trailer. Click the button and watch as the madness unfolds.
  • Better graphics stand out from the original.
  • New situations present themselves that truly make you want to play the Sims 2.


  • If your computer is an old timer, or you suffer from a slow internet connection, you won't get the full excitement of the Sims 2 trailer.
  • You can't play the game from the trailer; only watch to see why you should play it. You'll definitely be left wanting to rush out and buy the sequel to discover just why it was so popular, too.

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